Owning a home is a big dream for many of us. Unfortunately if your FICO Credit Score isn’t where it should be this can be a difficult dream to achieve. You deserve to be able to achieve and have the life that you want to live and we can help out. The Credit Repair Intelligence System was created by figuring out what works through trial and error. The guide will walk you through step-by-step how the credit system works and how you can utilize this knowledge and get the house, car, or even loan that you need and deserve.

Read on to find out exactly how you can get started with this system and how it can help you win the credit game…

We, along with our partners, provide consumer educational services making the consumer aware of all aspects of credit and how it impacts one’s ability to purchase their dream home, car, or even other consumer products such as homeowners and auto insurance.

We believe once a consumer is fully educated with all aspects of how credit really works then the consumer can take the necessary steps to improve his or her credit without having to use the nasty credit repair services.

If you are ready to fully educate yourself on the strategies and secrets of building great credit and want to start today we have two great options for you.

The first is a monthly payment option. For just $89 per month for three months you will receive a full guide that walks you step-by-step through building and maintaining great credit. You will also recieve exclusive members-only access to a forum and database of credit questions and answers. Users just like you are posting their questions there now to be answered by FICO and Credit Experts. You will even get access to a never before seen dispute generator. This gives you access to constantly updated disputes for everything from debt collection to general credit disputes. If you are ready for all of this click below now. Stop leaving money on the table and your dreams in the dust.

We have one other option for you. In addition to everything else we just mentioned we are also offering a pre-paid option. This option includes everything I just described to you plus 3 additional months of the members-only forum and dispute generator. That means you will receive the guide sent directly to your house or business, 3 months of the forum and dispute generator, plus an additional 3 months of the forum and generator at no extra cost.

If you act right now my partners and I will also send you a bonus set of audio cds. These are completely complimentary! You won’t even pay shipping. Click the button below to begin today.

You will learn how to eliminate credit card debts and other debts. You will learn secrets before calling ANY CREDIT COUNSELING or DEBT CONSOLIDATION COMPANY.

As a Realtor and a loan officer, I have believed in this system and have helped some of my clients by providing them the education needed to improve their credit and remove negative items from their credit legally and without the use of an expensive credit repair service.

If you have any questions before ordering or want to hear more about this service fill out the form below or call my 800 above to speak with me about your opportunities。