Best Credit Cards of 2016 in USA

After reviewing so many credit cards in US here are the best ones among them that can be best for students, business, travels, balance transfers, rewards and also cash back. All these credit cards have their own pros as well as cons and so you should analyze and pick the one that is most appropriate for you. Here are the best ones which you can consider for you if you are thinking to get one for you. You can go through these things available and decide the one which is most appropriate for you. Consider the best ones that are available in the market.

1. Chase Freedom UnlimitedChase Freedom Unlimited

Chase freedom unlimited is the credit card which has got 1.5 percentage cash back that you get with every purchase. This is something that happens automatic. It is possible for you to earn 150 dollars bonus after you have spent 500 dollars on the purchases that happens during initial 3 months from the time of account opening. It can give you so many benefits along with cash back. You can even enjoy without any annual fees. The cash back rewards you get with the credit card is not going to expire when the account gets opened. It allows you to enjoy 0 percentage Intro APR to about 15 months since the account opens on the balance transfers and purchases.

2. Chase Sapphire Preferred

Chase Sapphire Preferred

Chase sapphire preferred card is the one which can let you gain about 50,000 bonus points when you spend about 4000 dollars through purchases during initial 3 months since the opening of the account. You can actually get 625 dollars in the travel when you are redeeming through the chase ultimate rewards. It even allows you to earn about 5000 bonus points if you get the first user who is authorized to be added. You can even get the same bonus points if you are making purchases within the first 3 months since you have got the account opened. You can even get double points on using it for travel as well as for dining at restaurants in different parts of the world.

3. BankAmericard Travel Rewards

BankAmericard Travel Rewards

BankAmericard Travel rewards is the one with credit card which is really good which can let you easily earn about 1.5 unlimited points for every dollar that you spend over purchases. You can earn 20,000 bonus points online with new sign up. These are the points which can be the 200 dollar statement credit that is available towards the travel purchases, You can make use of the points by booking as usual and then going online. You can even call for redeeming the points for the statement credit towards or part of the travel purchases. It allows you to redeem the points for various travels. It can be useful for earning about 10 percentage more of customer points bonus on each of the purchase and can increase bonus to 75 percentage.

4. Discover It Cashback Match

Discover It Cashback Match

It is one among the favorite cash back credit cards that you can get as it can offer with very god rewards. It is something that can help you in earning 5 percentage cash back in the categories which can be found changing in each of the 3 months. It can have unlimited cash back of 1 percentage on all the other kinds of purchases. It is the offer that is available only for the new cardmembers. Discover is something that can match with all the cash back that you have got at ending of first year in an automatic manner. It is good for enjoying 0 percentage into APR for the balance transfers and also purchases available in initial 12 months. It is a card which is really much good in balancing transfer card. It has got a balance transfer fee which is much lower that is 3 percentage of amount that you have for transferring. It allows you to even increase value related with cash back through redeeming it specifically for the gift cards from much of the partner stores. It even allows you to earn the cash back over purchases through the shopping that you do online with discover deals which comes with top retailers. It allows you to get the recent FICO credit – scores to be tracked without any fees on the monthly statement.

5. Citi Simplicity Card

Citi Simplicity Card

It is a good credit card which has no fees for late payment and has got good benefits with the balance transfer cards. It is something that can offer with much longer introductory period with the balance transfers. IT allows you to earn 0 percentage intro APR over purchases as well as balance transfer for about 21 months.

6. Discover It- 18 Month Balance Transfer Card

 Discover It- 18 Month Balance Transfer Card

It is the best balance transfer card with the offer so that you can enjoy it for about 18 months. There is a fees much lower as 3 percentage which is applicable to every transferred balance. It allows you to easily earn 5 percentage over cash back on the purchases which you can make in changing the categories of quarterly bonus.

7. Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express

 Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express

It is a card which can help you in earning 150 dollars back in statement credit which allows you to spend 1000 dollars over purchases with the new card within 3 months of opening the account.

8. BuyPower Card from Capital One

BuyPower Card from Capital One

It is the card which can help you earn to about 5 percentage of the earnings on the first amount 5000 dollars that you spend over purchases on each year and unlimited earning of 2 percentage on all the purchases after the cap.

9. Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

This is the credit card which can help you in earning a bonus of 40000 miles if you are spending 3000 dollars on purchasing something within 3 months of owning the card.

10. Discover It for Students

Discover It for Students

It is the best credit card for students. You can gain 5 percentage cash back in the bonus categories after signing up.

So there you go to top 10 credit card deals of 2016. You can also take a find at our full selection of the perfect credit cards or use our tool to compare credit cards.

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