Top 100 Blogs to Help You Find Free Stuff

Searching the Internet for freebies can be tricky. While there is an infinite amount offree stuff out there to be claimed, there are also quite a few scams and dead-ends. Many sites that claim to offer free things are only after your personal information, as they wish to spam you with unwanted solicitations. Don’t be discouraged, for we are about to save you a lot of legwork. Below, we have compiled the top 100 blogs to help you find free stuff, starting with what we feel are the crème de la crème. Beyond our “Top 20″ section, however, all blogs are organized by topic rather than importance.

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Top 20

The following blogs are, in our opinion, the best resources for getting free stuff. Most of these sites are general, offering anything from clothes to pet food.

  1. That Freebie Site features links to free sample giveaways and current contests for great prizes, such as high-end electronics.
  2. The Free Site is a massive project, featuring almost everything that is offered for free over the Internet. It is updated daily, well-researched and should be bookmarked by anyone who enjoys free stuff, no matter how trivial at times.
  3. The Frugal Duchess is an authority on frugal living and loves to share advice on how to score free stuff.
  4. About Freebies offers leads on current giveaways, plus helpful tips on how to get refunds, rebates, etc.
  5. Fat Wallet is a blog that announces various online shopping deals, coupons and free offers.
  6. The Best Freebies and Bargains on the Net boasts a long, descriptive title that pretty much sums it all up. It is a regularly updated source of freebies and deals that can be found on the Web.
  7. The Freebies Blog is an Australian site that features an array of free offers. Although some of the free stuff is only available to Aussies, the blog is worth a gander by all.
  8. Freebie Fanatics is truly designed for those who are addicted to free stuff. There is a little something for everyone here, from books to cosmetics samples.
  9. Free Stuff Finder is a friendly, polished blog with features such as “free game of the week”. Look for a wide variety of online freebies on this site.
  10. FreeBitz offers links to freebies, as well as surveys that can earn you free samples and coupons.
  11. Deal Catcher has a list of current online coupon codes for major retailers like Amazon, Dell, Best Buy and Overstock.
  12. Totally Free Crap offers an assortment of links to free samples, as well as tips on how to find free things online.
  13. Frugal Upstate often posts great deals, free giveaways and free downloads. If you would like to save money in all areas of your life, this is a great resource.
  14. posts free offers on a daily basis, including samples, downloads and eBooks.
  15. Freebie O’ the Day delivers what its title promises, a link to one free offer a day. Although there are other sites that post a list of things each day, this site showcases very noteworthy freebies.
  16. Wise Bread is a frugal living blog with a section devoted to online deals and free coupons.
  17. Frugal For Life is about all aspects of saving money, but there are plenty of tips here about getting stuff for free.
  18. A Frugal Living Blog By a Frugal Guy will give you tips on how to manage a household budget, which includes getting some things for free.
  19. Fitness and Freebies offers health tips, along with fitness-related freebie offers. Includes health snacks, drinks and supplements.
  20. Knockster focuses mainly on sale items rather than freebies. However, there are many free coupon codes posted to the blog, which could save you a bundle.


Sometimes the smallest things in your life are the most expensive. Namely, electronics and children. Since you are more likely to find free baby wipe samples online than DVD players, we have compiled some family-friendly blogs below.

  1. Absurdly Cool Freebie Finder is updated daily, offering links to major free giveaways. This is a good resource for baby product samples and children’s items.
  2. Candlelight Stories is a well-made blog featuring free videos, games and crafts for children.
  3. Creative Kids at Home Blog features free activities for homeschooled children, as well as resources for parents and teachers.
  4. Curiosoft Kids Games is a blog that regularly posts free offers and games for children.
  5. Free Kids Coloring posts printable pages for your children to color. There are also activity pages to be found here, which is helpful for both parents and teachers.
  6. Free Stuff 4 Kids is a site is dedicated to finding free activities, applications and games for children. Both parents and teachers should utilize this blog.
  7. Jokes By Kids is a resource for free, clean jokes for and by children. This blog will keep your kids busy for a while.
  8. Life in Student Ministry posts a freebie each Friday, which is usually a free eBook or pamphlet on youth ministry.
  9. My CYC is a place for teens to create a free blog. It is intended to be a safer domain than other popular online hangouts, such as MySpace and Xanga.


While you won’t be able to complete your wardrobe for free, promotional t-shirt giveaways are plentiful if you know where to look. Also, designer clothing and handbags are often given away in contests. The following blogs will help connect you with some free duds.

  1. #1 My Freebies is updated regularly, with an area devoted to clothing giveaways.
  2. Freaky Freddies has a current list of clothing freebies, contests and coupons.
  3. Freebies 4 Ya has a lot of free clothing offers, as well as links to contests that will win you clothes.
  4. Free Stuff Hot Deals features many giveaways and contests. T-shirts are a common freebie found on this site, as are household items like laundry detergent samples. Hey, you need to wash that t-shirt, don’t you?
  5. Linden Lifestyles is a fashion blog with a section about freebies, including cosmetics, clothes and accessories.
  6. Shop 4 Freebies has a list of clothing freebies. Although not extensive, the site does offer photos of each giveaway, something most blogs don’t bother with.
  7. Two Moms in a Blog often list freebies, particularly clothing and accessories. This is a family-oriented blog, so there may be free things for the kids posted on occasion.


You can obtain almost all of your cosmetics for free through surveys and manufacturer Web sites. Granted, these will most likely be in the form of samples, but diligent freebie hunting will soon fill your bathroom with goodies. Rather than wasting time with search engines, find out which companies participate with giveaways on the blogs listed below.

  1. Bargain Hunting is devoted to deals of any kind, although the blog commonly posts about free make-up offers.
  2. Bon Bons in the Bath is all about pampering yourself, which includes taking advantage of cosmetics giveaways.
  3. Boston Gal’s Open Wallet is a personal finance blog that regularly features links to free samples, including cosmetics.
  4. Cheap Chica announces great fashion bargains, as well as links to free cosmetics samples.
  5. iVillage Beauty has a working list of make-up freebies and other cosmetics deals.
  6. Jack & Hill is a beauty blog that features free tips on make-up, as well as any freebie offers that catch their eye.
  7. Sassy Sue has a growing list of makeup freebies found online. These include brand names like L’Oreal, Cover Girl and Maybelline.
  8. Today’s Web-Freebies Blog is written by an experienced “freebie hunter”. Many of the freebies listed here are cosmetics samples.

Digital Scrapbooking

Digital scrapbooking has become a very popular hobby in recent years. Scrapbooking templates for photo editing programs can cost quite a bit, so freebies are highly sought. Below, we have compiled the best blogs for quality “digiscrapping” freebies.

  1. Digital Freebies is operated by a generous Web designer who frequently posts free clipart and templates.
  2. Doris’ Scraps of Life offers scrapbooking kits at a reduced rate, as well as freebies from time to time.
  3. Lindsey Jane Designs offers daily free downloads for digital scrapbooking. All designs found here are original and not links to other sites.
  4. Scrapping SAHM will direct you to some free templates and kits. This is a labor of love by a stay-at-home mother who is passionate about the hobby.

  5. Scrapping With IkeaGodess is one of the most popular blogs about scrapbooking. With tips, tutorials, news and freebies, it serves as a great resource for newbies and pros alike.
  6. Scrappy Pony Designs Blog posts daily freebies for digital scrapbooking.
  7. Welcome to Our Little Scrap World offers free digital scrapbooking kits, in addition to tutorials.
  8. Younique Photos is a digital scrapbooking blog that occasionally offers free kits in addition to tips and tutorials.


The Internet is brimming with free games, so where does one start looking? Try the blogs below for all your gaming needs.

  1. Free Gamer is a popular blog that discusses free online games and open source software. Reviews and screenshots accompany each entry, which is handy for the more discriminating gamer.
  2. Good Experience Games recommends addictive online games, both complex and simple in strategy. There is a little something for every gamer here.
  3. Jay is Games provides reviews and walkthroughs of simple, online point and click games.
  4. Lazylaces offers original games, as well as links to classics. These games are for your own pleasure, although some will have an embed code for blog entries and Web sites.
  5. NicoSite is a great resource for free point and click games. Although the text is in French, the simple games won’t require a translator.
  6. Random Good Stuff is a funny blog, featuring anything from viral videos to weird auctions on eBay. There are also some great free games posted on occasion.
  7. Tyme Tech is a technology news blog. Among other items of interest, this site often announces free games and downloads.
  8. The Vintage Gaming Network offers over 100 free games without the need to download, although they also feature free emulators for download if you wish to play old console games on your PC.


Most English-language sites boasting free stuff are meant for American readers only. Here are some great resources for freebie hunters in other countries.

  1. Freebie Town links to various online giveaways, although some of these offers are only available in the UK.
  2. London Freebies posts free offers, coupon codes and other great deals for UK readers.
  3. Magic Freebies UK is a great resource for samples, competitions and other free stuff in the UK. Updates are made daily and there are also a lot of tips here for bargain hunters.
  4. Manchester Freebies is a guide to getting free stuff in and around Manchester, England. There are also plenty of online freebies for international readers.
  5. Smart Canucks features online deals and free giveaways for Canadians. People living outside of Canada may be eligible for some of the free stuff listed here, however.

Job Leads

When it comes to posting job leads, most people are fed up with paid boards. Likewise, job seekers don’t want to subscribe to any services. Below, we have listed the most popular blogs for job leads.

  1. Blogger Jobs provides leads on professional blogging positions. Although not updated daily, the leads found here are for desirable positions.
  2. Career and Job-Hunting Blog gives free advice on where to find a job and how to start a new career. Regularly updated, it also contains news about growing industries.
  3. Freelance Writing Jobs is the work of professional blogger, Deb Ng. Here, freelance writers are provided with job leads on a daily basis, free of charge.


There are so many sites out there claiming to offer free music, only to request your credit card information as soon as you try to download something. As an alternative, you could try a free peer-to-peer network… and possibly download a trojan virus. No, it is best to stick with sites like the following blogs in your quest for free music.

  1. Aurgasm seeks to introduce you to great music that you’ve never heard before. Complete with free downloads, music fans will appreciate this eclectic blog.
  2. Between Thought and Expression posts free videos and music downloads. Updates come only a few times a month, but they are often worth the wait.
  3. Discobelle is a Swedish blog for music fans. Offering single tracks and remixes for download, fans of house music will want to check out this ambitious blog.
  4. Knobtweakers is a music news blog that offers free MP3 downloads. Independent music is intertwined with more mainstream fare, ensuring that you never get bored.
  5. Mage Records is an independent label that produces Irish and Celtic music. Their blog offers free downloads and samples of Mage Records originals.
  6. Much Music offers free downloads from any genre, from new age to rap.
  7. Spinner is an incredible music blog that will introduce you to music not in rotation on Top 40 radio. Their “MP3 of the Day” section is popular for a reason- these are completely free, legal downloads that will bring new bands to your attention.

Pet Products

Although not as expensive as real babies, furry babies (i.e., pets) can cost quite a bit each year. There are ways to obtain free food, grooming supplies and toys for your pets. The blogs below will tell you where to find said freebies.

  1. All About Labradors carries a self-explanatory title. Periodically, this site announces freebie offers related to pet dogs.
  2. Cool Freebie Links features pet product giveaways, including grooming supplies, food and toys.
  3. Dog Blog announces new pet products and offers free pet advice. Links to dog freebies are posted on occasion, also.
  4. Free Stuff Channel is regularly updated, providing links to various freebies. Their pet products section is most impressive.
  5. MotherLoad: The Mom Advice Blog features a list of freebies every Friday, which includes pet products.
  6. Pet Portrait Pop Art is a unique site for pet lovers. Their freebies include screensavers, wallpapers and games related to pets.
  7. Polka Dot Pup is all about dogs. From dog breeds to dog news, it can be found here. For great deals and freebies for your pet dog, look to this site.


If your idea of cooking is giving the pizza place your AMEX number, then the following blogs aren’t for you. However, if you delight in trying new dishes, then forget about buying any cookbooks. These blogs give you all the recipes and tips you will ever need, for free.

  1. Simply Recipes offers delicious recipes, cooking tips and more. Each recipe that is posted has a beautiful photograph to accompany it.
  2. The Secret Recipe is a great resource for free recipes. The blog is written by a chef who attempts to recreate famous foods from your favorite restaurants.
  3. The Recipe Blog is written by and for foodies. If you have a sophisticated love of food, these are the recipes for you.
  4. Shiok provides free recipes for far-Eastern cuisine.
  5. What We’re Eating contains reviews and high-resolution photographs of recipes that the authors experiment with. It is an entertaining read, as well as a great cooking resource.
  6. Vegan Lunch Box offers creative ways to pack a vegan child’s lunch box. These colorful, delicious and all-natural organic foods will attract even the most discriminating child.
  7. Recipe Source Online contains more than just free recipes. There is also cooking advice, wine reviews and other information to interest foodies.

Web Development

Without a compass, you will easily get lost looking for freeware programs or Ubuntu applications. Try the following sites to guide you toward Web development freebies.

  1. BittBox is a great resource for free graphic design downloads and tutorials.
  2. Flatline Web Design offers tips and free downloads to those whose Web sites have “flatlined”.
  3. Fontleech posts the newest and most interesting fonts to hit the Net, most of which are available for free download.
  4. Pogue’s Posts is a popular technology blog that intermittently features free Web tools and applications.
  5. Scott Kuhl’s geek blog features all the latest tech news, as well as the best free downloads for Web site developers.
  6. Siberian.Ws offers open source Web templates and encourages other users to share their own designs.
  7. Smashing Magazine informs its readers about software, applications and other online tools that can be downloaded for free.
  8. Software Developer points Web designers on a budget in the right direction. There are plenty of free downloads and tips to be found here.
  9. Ubuntu Blog offers free tips and downloads for users. Whether you are an Ubuntu newbie or a pro, you should find this blog helpful.
  10. Vitaly Friedman’s Notebook is written by a Web designer who enjoys sharing freebies with readers. From blog icons to fonts, it is all here.
  11. Work Boxers is a blog about professional Web development, so there are plenty of free downloads featured.

While there are many “no strings attached” offers online, we would be remiss not to give you a few safety tips. You should never have to give your credit cardinformation for anything free. Also, it would be wise not to use your main email address for any free offers. Open an email account with Yahoo! or Gmail and make that your “junk” address, as freebies will garner a lot of spam. Keeping those tips in mind, the above 100 blogs should keep you very busy in your hunt for free stuff.


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