Top 10 Most Frugal Celebs (Yes, They Do Exist)

They may spend $44,000 to whiten teeth, but they won’t spend more than $50 on aflower arrangement. That’s a frugal celebrity for you. Appearances are important, but some celebrities won’t spend the money for that Bentley when the Cadillac DTS will serve just as well. Who are these celebs, and where and how do they save their bucks? The following is a list of the top ten most frugal celebs (hard to find, by the way!) who spend their dollars with a squeak.

  1. Halle Berry
    Berry is careful with her cash despite making millions of dollars per year. The star who reputedly earned $4 million for 007 film, Die Another Day, is grateful for her good fortune, but she admits one of her biggest fears is that she could lose it all. She saves money instead of spending it on “ten cars and lots of diamonds,” because she worries constantly that her movie career may end.
  2. Teri Hatcher
    This Desperate Housewife drives her cars into the ground before she pays for a new one. According to the Frugal Duchess, Hatcher would rather have the “trip of a lifetime” than pay for a sports car or a million-dollar home.
  3. Tobey Maguire
    This Spider-Man actor refused to splash his cash even when his earnings sky-rocketed and he credits his financially modest upbringing for his frugal outlook on life. Maguire believes his frugality means he will never be forced to “keep making movie after movie” to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.
  4. Glenn Close
    Known best for her penny-pinching rabbit stew in Fatal Attraction, Close was seen traveling coach on a recent flight with JetBlue. Either the airlines goofed up and Close kept her cool, or she really does prefer JetBlue’s extra legroom in coach over first class champagne.
  5. Sheryl Crow
    When Crow advocated using one square of toilet paper per restroom visit, “except, of course, on those pesky occasions where 2 to 3 could be required,” the choice to call her frugal or stingy became sticky. When she announced that this suggestion was more a joke than an actual green initiative, the decision still wasn’t clear. But when she was seen ordering a $230 bottle of Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon over a $600 bottle of Opus One (even though Vanity Fair was footing the bill), she made the list.
  6. Eric Bogosian
    Law & Order: Criminal Intent isn’t the only thing on Bogosian’s mind. He tries to live within his means with as little debt as possible. Instead of renting an apartment in Manhattan, he invested in Manhattan real estate so that he would have a cushion to sit on if times get rough.
  7. Eric Clapton
    Legendary musician Clapton was seen washing his own clothes at a West Hollywood laundromat in LA. Twice. But, he did it with class in a Porsche.
  8. Simon Le Bon
    Duran Duran’s lead singer and lyricist was once caught overriding his business partner’s decision to avoid a discount at a Los Angeles Tower Records store. When the business partner declined the discount, Le Bon responded, “WHAT? Are you crazy? Of course we want your discount!”
  9. Kristen Bell
    This Veronica Mars star was seen wearing a $45 dress from Target at a hotel opening in San Diego. Bell’s little strapless number from Behnaz Sarafpour forTarget was an off-the-rack special for a limited season.
  10. Warren Buffett
    Last, but certainly not least, is the financial celeb who has become rich and famous yet who has remained totally unpretentious. Buffett continues to live on Farnam Street in Omaha, in the same gray stucco house he purchased four decades ago for $31,500 (now worth $500,000). He eats burgers or steaks for lunch and dinner, and he recently traded in a six-year-old Lincoln Town Car for a 2006 Cadillac DTS. Granted, those are luxury cars, but they aren’t Bentleys. Buffett does have a weakness for luxury air travel. His Gulfstream IV-SP jet is one can’t-live-without luxury for this second-wealthiest man in the world.

Celebrity frugality seems rare while “cheaping out” seems more common. While Tobey Maquire might be frugal, his co-star Kirsten Dunst cheaped out when she racked up a $233 bill at a New York restaurant and didn’t leave a tip. You can find more celebrity names with this habit at Bitter Waitress once they reinstate their STD (Shitty Tipper Database). But cheap celebs are about to learn a lesson from the owner of that New York restaurant. Eliza Pharrell stated that she’s about to refuse entry to those VIPS. “The message is simple: We have to make a living, too. Famous or not, we always remember those with scrimpy tendencies.”

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  1. One I think belongs on the list is Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters and former Nirvana drummer. He lives quite modestly considering his wealth- he talked about buying his first nice car in an interview a few years ago- and it wasn’t something outrageously extravagant either- I think it was a bmw 5 series. (which is still very expensive, but not relative to what celebrities usually spend)

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